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My Story As A Doula

Hi, my name is Brandy Koster!

Keep reading to learn more about me!

The Backstory

I have always been drawn to babies! Always! And I love helping others make their lives easier and operate smoother. I know the struggle of when a new family member joins. I remember feeling alone in that struggle and wishing I had someone by my side that wouldn’t judge me for struggling to find that new normal. I remember wanting a nap, but the kitchen needed sweeping and the laundry needed folding. Or the baby cried the most when big brother wanted me to play catch. And I wished baby would sleep more than 2 hours in a row.

I've cared for this cutie since he was 6 months old!

Lending A Hand

If this is you, let me come lend a hand and a listening ear! I have been a resident of the southern Twin Cities almost my whole life. Caring for little ones has also been a passion for the majority of my life. I have over 25 years of experience caring for children in a variety of settings including in child care centers, preschool classrooms and in homes as a full-time mom and nanny. I have experience with children with a range of special needs alongside typically developing children.

Nurturing All Families

I’m a mother of 3. I also have 2 angel babies. My family was built through adoption and birth. My 3 children are preparing to fly the nest while I continue to desire to nurture families through the transitions of adding new little family members. I enjoy nothing more than cuddling a swaddled baby and chatting with a parent. I am trained as both a Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Doula (CAPPA). I am also a certified pediatric sleep consultant helping families with children birth through 6 years old get the sleep they deserve.

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