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the fourth trimester

Newborn Care

Care is tailored directly to the needs of you and your baby (or babies). Care can be during the day or overnight. Healthy sleep and eating routines will be encouraged to develop. Each day or night shift is communicated via a log so you know how your baby was cared for. Parents are encouraged to spend part of the time chatting and asking any questions they have to about newborn and infant care and development.

Trustworthy Care

 I will encourage baby to grow and develop with developmentally appropriate interaction and activities.

Healthy Sleep

 Parents get fabulous sleep knowing that I will handle anytime baby wakes.
Prices begin at


4 hour minimum during the day and 8 hour minimum overnight


Serving the Twin Cities

Minneapolis/St. Paul, also known as the Twin Cities, has a thriving, supportive birth community and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Ready to Get Started?

I am ready and waiting to help take care of you and your new baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through a few of the most commonly asked questions that I get.

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